North Ruimveldt man killed during home invasion


Fifty-three-year-old Darrell Breedy of Lot 2037 Hummingbird Street, Festival City, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was shot and killed in the wee hours of Saturday morning after two gunmen broke into his home and robbed him of $11,000 and his television.

Dead, Darrell Breedy

According to a relative of the now dead man, the incident occurred at about 03:30h on Saturday morning.

Breedy’s mother was in the upper flat with his step-son while the now dead man was in his bedroom in the lower flat and his step-daughter was in her bedroom, also located in the lower flat.

Inews was told that the two bandits removed a few window panes to gain entry into the home. According to reports, one of the men rushed into Breedy’s bedroom, while the other ran into Breedy’s step-daughter’s room to keep her quiet.

“From what I know, the one who was in his room had a gun threatening him. But somehow, he (Breedy) and the gunman ended up in a scuffle…that is when he was shot,” the relative related.

Having shot Breedy, the men gabbed the cash and the television and made good their escape.

The window through which the gunmen gained entry to the home

Meanwhile, according to one of Breedy’s nephews, just a few weeks ago, two men robbed him of his motorcycle and it is believed that it is the very men who are responsible for Saturday morning’s attack.

“They took his XR motorcycle and thing, his watch and so on. Now they come back and gone inside his house and stole things plus killed him,” the young man added.

Breedy was a tout outside the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. He leaves to mourn his wife, who is on vacation, his mother and two stepchildren.