No increase in passport fees – Govt


In light of information being peddled that there has been an increase in fees for the application and processing of passports, the Guyana Government is maintaining that it has neither made nor implemented such a decision.

A long line at the Passport Office (Photo taken from Priya Manickchand Facebook)
A long line at the Passport Office earlier this week (Photo taken from Priya Manickchand Facebook page)

Quite recently, a large number of persons have been flocking the Central Immigration and Passport Office located on Camp Street, Georgetown, so  as to avoid paying the rumoured “increase” in fees which they were informed would take effect from the beginning of May.

According to Government sources, the original cost of GYD $4,000 remains the same. It has not been hiked to GYD $15,000 as is being propagated by some persons.

INews understands that for any increase in passport fees to take effect, the government of the day or the Legislative Assembly would have to make that decision and neither of the two has made any changes to the original cost thus far.




  1. This is all the act of the PPPC to start up issues . Having Guyanese panic and start crowding places to make it look like Venezuela and their poverty line

  2. They said NO INCREASE IN SALARIES FOR MINISTERS. They lied. They increased their salaries by a whopping 50% They declared NO INCREASE IN PASSPORT FEES. The people don’t trust them hence they took no chances. They


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