La Penitence businessman shot, robbed in daring robbery attack


By Kristen Macklingam

A Pastor’s son was shot when armed bandits fired rounds while executing a daring daylight robbery at his grocery shop earlier today.

David Sukhnandan of North East La Penitence is presently at the Woodlands Hospital where he is nursing a gunshot wound to his left foot while his assailants are yet to be apprehended.

David Sukhnandan
David Sukhnandan

His traumatised mother told INews that the incident took place around 11:30h when a male and female entered her son’s business under the pretext of purchasing gas.

She explained that the family lives in the upper flat of their two-storeyed building while the business is located in the lower flat and that she was at home when the robbery took place.

“The female and male come to buy gas, cooking gas, and there is a little door that you have to open to pass through the gas…when he opened it to pass the gas is when they got in…we have a trap door separating where I was from them and I peep and saw them and beg them hard not to kill my son, I begged them then I put down the trap door and bolt the door,” the older woman said in tears.

She then heard shots being fired downstairs and thought that they had killed her son.

The Pastor’s wife stated that the two bandits made good their escape in a white car which they had arrived in before police ranks arrived at the scene.

They had parked the car right in front of the Sukhnandan’s grocery shop and made good their escape before police ranks arrived at the scene.

“He said he doesn’t know them but the car is an old model white car. We don’t have a camera at that one side, but a neighbour said she saw them carrying goods they stole from the shop when they were leaving. They took all the cash from the business too,” she lamented.

Detectives at the scene earlier today
Detectives at the scene earlier today

This is not the first time that the grocery shop was targeted by bandits.

INews was told that David’s now dead wife in a previous robbery had been shot to her mouth. The bullet passed through her jaw and damaged a piece of her ear as well.

David’s wife had recently died after suffering an asthma attack en route to the hospital for medical attention.

Meanwhile, investigations into the matter continue as law enforcement officials are on the hunt for the perpetrators in today’s robbery and shooting.



  1. Here we go again, another robbery, lazy crap them want easy money from hard working people, and when they cant get it what they do they shoot them or kill them …sad and very sad….

  2. La Penitence businessman shot, robbed in daring robbery attack
    They coming after you folks like its going out of style.
    Ramjaat cant protect yall– yall got to make up your mind now–fight or flight….

  3. There we go again another Indian businessman shot and robbed, iIts clear that these APNU thugs.are determined to destroy us indians in whatever way they can.its a continuation of the Burnham era.but its worst this time around and the dictator could care less because the victims are not of thier kind. Fish Rots From Its Head.


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