No Confidence Motion will not be debated anytime soon; AFC says Gov’t has an agenda


By Fareeza Haniff

AFC MP, Moses Nagamootoo
AFC MP, Moses Nagamootoo

[] – Executive Member of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Moses Nagamootoo believes the much anticipated debate of the No Confidence Motion would not reach the floor of the National Assembly anytime soon.

He told a news conference today, Thursday, October 16 that the government has an agenda and as such there will be no sitting of the National Assembly this month.

Now that Parliament is out of a two month recess, it is up to the government to request a date be set for its first sitting, however Nagamootoo says it is unlikely that there will be any sitting this month.

“At the Parliamentary Management Committee meetings, I raised the issue as to when Parliament will have its first sitting now that it out of recess. The explanation I got does not excite me nor should I believe it would excite anyone. I was informed yesterday that the government would not convene Parliament on October 22… It appears unlikely that the Parliament would reconvene on October 30, a week thereafter,” the AFC Executive told reporters.

He says the government’s excuse is that some Parliamentarians are scheduled to attend overseas trips, while there are other matters of importance to be dealt with.

“And so we are now marking time. I believe that we may now enter as I consider the clumsy or silly parliamentary season. It should be a concern to tax payers that our Parliament is not being convened. I believe that from the explanations I got, it appears as if the government is saying that there are Members of Parliament who are scheduled to go on trips overseas and that there are some other matters of importance that would require the Parliament not to convene anytime soon. I cannot hazard a guess, but I think the government has an agenda,” Nagamootoo stated.

Nagamootoo had written to Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs last week demanding that the no confidence motion against the government be debated today.


  1. and they square up in the centre of the ring….. and passion maan moses[ always vex] throws a HARD RIGHT HAND!!!!, AND HE MISSES AND FALLS FLAT ON THE GROUND!!!!!….me father used to say” aan weh get too much passion can’t fight”

  2. editor, mah beg yuh, please nah put dah maan pitcha foh any aaticle again. passion maan moses nagamootoo [always vex; fake passian] ah wan definitely photo-unhygienic pitcha foh yuh put in yuh good good papah. coming to de no confidence motion,passian maan moses[always vex ;fake passion] should ah study prapally before he mek he move especially since he seh he a wan lawyah. dat convince me of the truth of wah me fadda used to seh” maan weh get too much passian can’t fight”. finally , coming to de pitcha, me na want foh see wan ting weh a look like human face always a snaal like he want bite and a raise he haan like he want cuff me. dat is aal meh get foh seh foh now.

  3. Emile your political god trotman had it in he power to recall..he still gat it in he power to call..stop your trash man..afc have absolute no chance…its a done political party from day one..tell your buddies in the media house to go back and count those 19 polling station votes that were never counted last election..see wher afc really is..those that vote afc last election because of nagapakooo sat back and watched with horror how his afc buddy nighel guge ordered his pnc thugs to beat rob sexually molest east indians on agricola public road..nagapakoo and rumjatha said nothing out of total fear of pnc..

  4. The government has a nation to build. Why should they pay heed to a man who only harbours one desperate wish and continues to dream of becoming President. Let him dream on.

    I advise Nagamootoo to first consult with his buddies in the PNC, they will tell you a few things. Get some information from them (they know) before you make clumsy statements.

  5. The AFC has considered everything and it is not any bad reflection on the AFC, but on the PPP. The problem is that, by the PPP refusing to ask for Parliament to be reconvened, it is signaling to the entire nation and the world that it is afraid, and it has every right to be afraid because it has lost the confidence of not only the parliamentary opposition, but the majority of the people in Guyana.
    The little AFC, which everybody dismisses as having no chance of ever forming the government, has the PPP running scared is a slap in Donald Ramotar’s face, because it was he who dismissed its founders – Trotman and Ramjattan – as wishy-washy rejects in 2005.
    Now Ramotar is the wishy-washy reject wishing he wasn’t being rejected like this!

  6. nagapakkoo u want something to get u excited? i have something to really excite you?? Call the buggered boy and take his statement then come onTV and tell the nation what exactly happened between the buggerd boy and your political buddy..
    that shoud really excite you and many others


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