Nigerian National deported after caught trying to obtain Guyanese Passport


[] – The Government of Guyana has deported a Nigerian National identified as David Nduka, for what it claims are infringements committed with regard to the Immigration Laws of Guyana.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Nduka attempted to obtain a Guyanese passport using a Guyana Birth Certificate.

The statement details that on August 15 Nduka applied for a Guyana Passport at the Central Immigration and Passport Office, where he presented a passport application form and Guyana Birth Certificate #471 in favour of John Clarke.

The statement added that upon questioning the Nigerian National he was unable to produce his correct address and the correct names of his parents and it was detected that his accent was uncommon for that of a Guyanese.

Upon further questioning, he stated that he was a Nigerian National and that he came to Guyana on a small boat from Suriname. He handed over his Nigerian Passport which had no Guyana Immigration Entry Stamp. He further stated that while in Guyana, he met an individual called Joseph who informed him that he could assist him in obtaining a Guyana Passport.

Nduka said he met with Joseph August 14 and obtained a passport application form and Guyana Birth Certificate. The birth certificate contained genuine information but was fraudulently obtained. Joseph’s correct name or address could not be provided.

He was charged for arriving in Guyana by sea disembarkation without the consent of an Immigration Officer and making a false declaration for the purpose of procuring a new passport.

He appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates Court on August 16 before Magistrate Ann McLennon, where he pleaded guilty to both charges and was instructed to pay a fine of $50,000 or serve six (6) months imprisonment. Mr. Nduka paid his fine and was escorted to Springlands Immigration where he was deported.



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