Newcomer Change Guyana rejects coalition’s claims of ‘voter fraud’

Dexter George

Change Guyana, one of the newcomers on the political scene, has rejected claims of ‘voter fraud’ being peddled by the A Partnership National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Coalition.

Dexter George, a senior party official, speaking with the media outside the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) said that his party does not support these claims.

“In relation to the anomalies proposed by the APNU/AFC, we do not support those claims…persons had the right to vote, they came out, they exercised their franchise. And they did what was best for them,” George told media operatives.

During the recount exercise, the APNU/AFC had arbitrarily raised a number of objections, claiming that certain persons who ‘voted’ at the March 2 polls were either dead or migrated.

Immediately after the allegations were made, hundreds of these persons whom the APNU/AFC claimed were out of the jurisdiction but ‘voted’, were, in fact, present in Guyana at the time of voting.

Also, several of the persons whom the coalition claimed were dead but ‘voted’ were found to be alive and well.

In relation to the national recount exercise, George commended the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for ensuring the recount process was conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

“It was transparent and we have no issues in what occurred at the ACCC,” George said.
The Change Guyana official added that going forward, it is his party’s hope that “good sense would prevail and the country would move forward”.

The recount figures show that Change Guyana, which is being led by businessman Robert Badal, got a total of 1,953 votes.

Meanwhile, Presidential Candidate of The Citizenship Initiative (TCI) party, Rondha Lam, said her party is “very proud” of what it has achieved in the recent polls.

The national recount has shown that TCI received 680 votes.

“We are very proud of it, it seems like nothing when you look at it, but for a party that’s just out …to get into the three-digit range, we are very proud of that number,” Lam said.

The tabulation of votes recounted during the national recount exercise completed earlier today and it has confirmed that the PPP/C has won the 2020 General and Regional Elections.

According to the vote tabulation, the PPP/C secured 233,336 votes while the APNU/AFC garnered 217,920 – a difference of 15,416 votes.

In addition to those stated before, other parties that got votes include: A New and United Guyana gained 2,313 votes; Liberty and Justice Party won 2,657; Peoples Republic Party received 889; The New Movement garnered 244; and United Republican Party received 360.