New Mayors and Deputies sworn in …urged to serve all Guyanese


The nine newly-elected Mayors and their Deputies were officially sworn in today by President David Granger at the Ministry of Presidency.

The officials were urged by President Granger to execute their duties without favouritism towards any social or ethnic group.

As they each took their Oath of Office, they promised to carry out their functions without fear or favour, affection or ill will.

The President stated that it is his expectation that all levels of government will work together to ensure that all Municipalities are developed and that the country as a whole benefits from this as well.

“We are not enemies, we are not fighting each other. You have nothing to fear from central Government,” he said.

It must be reminded that the APNU+AFC coalition won five of the nine Municipalities, while the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) won three.

Meanwhile, these two Parties tied in the allocation of council seats in the new Municipality of Mabaruma, Region One. However, APNU+AFC managed to obtain the Mayor and Deputy Mayor positions.


INews photographer, Carl Croker, was at the swearing-in ceremony this afternoon and captured the following scenes:  


Mayor 3 Mayor 10 Mayor 11 Mayor 21 Mayor 15 Mayor 17 Mayor 20 Mayor 22 Mayor 19 Mayor 23 Mayor 16 Mayor 8 Mayor 13 Mayor 1 Mayor 6 Mayor 14 Mayor 2 Mayor 4 Mayor 9 Mayor 7 Mayor 5


  1. New Mayors and Deputies sworn in …urged to serve all Guyanese
    The more things change the more it remain same or might be worse.


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