Nephew confesses to killing aunt – Police also hunting an ‘accomplice’

Homicide detectives assigned to investigate the brutal murder of Anita Mohan of Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara are already in the process of seeking legal advice in the matter.
According to Police Public Relations Officer,  Jairam Ramlakhan,  the nephew of the slain woman has “confessed to the crime and has given vital information of an accomplice, who investigators are making diligent efforts to apprehend”.

INews understands that the police are on the verge of cracking the murder case as the nephew of Anita Mohan, whose battered body was found on the floor of her kitchen, confessed to murdering the 48-year-old woman on Sunday afternoon.

The house in which the woman’s body was found

Anita Mohan 

Mohan’s body was found lying in a pool of blood on the floor of her kitchen in her Lot 315 Fifth Street, Cummings Lodge home with her head bashed in and a stab wound to her chest. A bloody ‘rolling pin’ (Belna), suspected to be one of the murder weapons, was found in close proximity, as well as a broken beer bottle.

Acting Crime Chief Hugh Jessemy, when contacted, said the young man has confessed to the murder, while admitting that another person acted as his accomplice. The murder, Jessemy said, might have stemmed from a robbery.

According to a Bhisham Mohamed report in today’s Guyana Times, the Crime Chief noted that detectives revisited the murder scene on Monday to conduct further investigations. It is believed that after committing the heinous act, the now dead woman’s nephew, who is called ‘Chucky’, might have washed the blood from his clothes.

A wet pair of three-quarter pants was found in the washing area – the same pants he was believed to be wearing during his drinking spree on the day the woman was brutally murdered.

However, the newspaper stated that when it’s reporters visited the area on Monday morning, the dead woman’s sister, Rosita Sarabjeet, explained that the suspect started to consume alcohol from around 09:00hrs and had been playing the music system very loudly.

“He bin ah de only one in the house with meh sister on Sunday… we couldn’t hear anything because the music de deh pon all…,” the woman stated.

When the woman’s son returned home from work, he found his mother’s motionless body lying on the ground and raised an alarm.

Sarabjeet noted that she was at home when she heard her sister’s son shouting for them. She initially thought her sister had fainted, since she suffered from hypertension, but as she entered the house, she saw her sister’s battered body.

The devastated woman noted that it was too graphic to look at her sister in that state. She recalled that on Sunday evening, the main suspect went to another sister’s home to spend the night – something he had never done before.

Later, they realised that he might have been the culprit. As they confronted him, he picked up a knife and ran towards the back, calling out for ‘Rambo’. “He run and call for ‘Rambo’… and saying that Rambo do that to he aunty,” the sister related.

It was due to his outburst that Police arrested him and treated him as the main suspect up until his confession. When asked about the person identified as “Rambo”, Sarabjeet explained that he and the suspect had an issue, which led to the involvement of his now dead aunt.

The matter was reported and “Rambo” had reportedly threatened to “wipe out the family”. Nevertheless, the grieving sister noted that the now dead woman’s bedroom was ransacked and the money she kept in her wardrobe was missing.

Family members have also confirmed that “Chucky” was in the habit of smoking. “Is smoke up, he had to smoke up and kill de poor lady who work hard for what she want,” a relative stated.

The Guyana Times also reported that an aunt of the dead woman said she was at church when she received a phone call from her husband about the dreadful discovery. She immediately left and hurriedly made her way to the scene. There, she recalled, seeing her niece on the floor and blood everywhere.

“Like she de going and eat, she food left just so on the cupboard… the belnah with blood went right deh and a bottle went next to she head,” the woman added.

The now dead woman would buy and sell greens and vegetables for a living. Her only son works seven days a week to assist his mother so that they can live a comfortable life. A post-mortem examination is expected on Wednesday.



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