“Neophyte Ministers” don’t deserve “insensitive” pay hikes – Rohee


By Jomo Paul

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is wasting no time in condemning the move by the APNU+AFC Administration to increase the salaries of Government Ministers and Vice Presidents by as much as 50%.

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee, at an emergency press conference on Wednesday, described the decision taken by the government as “insensitive.”

This comes after Minister of State Joseph Harmon had defended the increases; saying that it was “deserving.”

According to Harmon, “we (the government) have to pay people well if we want them to perform. I am not going to say that I make any apologies whatsoever for Ministers getting increase in salaries, they deserve it.”

However, Rohee said that unless Harmon could provide some amount of empirical evidence to support his statement, the claim is null and void.

“Where are the studies to show that higher salaries make better politicians,” he questioned.

Further, Rohee stated the increase is “unconscionable” given that the new government is merely four months old.

“How can four month old Ministerial neophytes be entitled and qualified for such fat pay checks,” he stated adding “ he (Harmon) and his cabinet colleagues will have to take the blows from an infuriated and offended Guyanese public.”

He made it clear that the government should rescind the order given by Finance Minister Winston Jordan on September 23 – declaring the increases.

According to Rohee, the PPP has not made any decision whether or not they will be accepting or rejecting the increases that also included Members of Parliament.

Parliamentarians will now be paid $2, 402,532 each year while increases were also given to the Chief Whips and the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.


  1. Words cannot express this blatant action of these pnc idiots. How much longer must our people suffer under their dictatorship?

  2. I would rather see the new M P’s receive a hefty salary increase with which they can live comfortably and not resort to wanton theft and emptying the treasury as the members of the previous administration did blindly. Obviously Mr Rohee has already forgotten the wholesale unconscionable theft committed by himself and the rest of the PPPC criminals. Talk about conscience!!! Wonder whether the PPPC and its friends and family ever had one. Come on Mr Rohee, please stop tampering with the intelligence of the Guyanese Community both at home and in the diaspora.

  3. You agree that four months on the job you deserve a fifty percent increase? You must be one of them who getting that big increase to actually agree with this. You need to stop being bias and stand up for whats right. This government is going to cause the same ppl that put them in power to revolt against them. The rice farmers felt the previous government turn their backs against them and that cause them to switch sides not realizing this side is worst. Guyanese jump out the frying pan into the fire.

  4. well if the top public servants deserve such a pay hike to execute their duties honest and best to their ability what does the lower class public servant deserve 5% who actually does the real work

  5. I like the sound of Rohee talking about empirical evidence. He sounds like the champion academic. Maybe the PPP can use some stolen money to finance a quantitative study. That way we can have all the empirical evidence and know for sure if good salaries motivate ministers.

  6. Please go and read about Singapore. Read about how it was set up. Read about how the government people were paid. The result they got in Singapore was because they paid their parliamentarians well and expected them to perform. Singapore did not become rich by wishful thinking. It became rich by planning and paying the people who make decisions well. Read before you call people names. I read well and understand well.

  7. Listen up sean, Rohee looking vex is not the issue been addressed. I strongly believe you are missing the point. Perhaps you need to read this article to understand the gravity of the issue. How can you or anyone support this pay increase. What did these ministers/Vice Presidents do to deserve this pay increase in 5 months????

    Fellow Guyanese stand up for your rights. This defacto Government will sink Guyana into the gutters.

    sean if this continues I gurantee that you will be standing in line for groceries at the Coop Shop. For those who forget or did not experienced standing in line for groceries at the Coop Shop, this was implemented by the PNC. Those were the dark days that so many of us don’t want to remember. This is one reason why so many Guyanese left that country. Today we are heading back to those days again.

  8. our country is being rape again by the PNC this is a outrage people suffering even the supporter of the AFC/APNU government and they just add more money to their pockets the very supporter need to protest to this outrageous government the people is what matter in this country and they need to do this and show them that we will stand against this type of abuse

  9. DK 5 yrs and they out don’t worry,,,street protests don’t work in Guyana,Mark paid the price in jail,Courtney paid with his life,and you know all the others, patients Guyanese brother,,,

  10. That person john who talks about singapore is downright stupid Singapore is the is one of the richest country per capita income and guyana is on the verge to of bankruptcy because the lack of markets for rice and sugar not profitable please keep quiet

  11. Is the PNC repeating the same bully ism that was done under the Burnham regime by the Granger regime now?.

  12. really singapore!!! are you serious? oh i forgot the leadership style of that country is what burnham visioned for Guyana

  13. The PNC is being paid for hijacking Guyana!!!
    2015 Elections was RIGGED! Surujbally said the “CEO was lauded for finding the anomalies and highlighting them, and therefore Many Statements of Polls (SOPs) received by GECOM from the ten (10) Electoral Districts were identified as FAKES.
    At its meeting of Wednesday, May 13th, 2015, the Chief Elections Officer of GECOM, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, disclosed that he had noticed that many of the SOPs had formats different from the authentic SOPs that were earlier distributed to the Electoral Districts to be used by Presiding Officers to tabulate votes at Polling Stations.
    These fake SOPs did not additionally carry the endorsed signatures of GECOM that were applied to every SOP purchased by GECOM from Canada.
    It was also disclosed that SOPs had numbers of voters that exceeded the voters that were assigned to the Polling Stations.
    Surujbally should be jailed!

  14. Mr Rohee I am no fan of yours but you are absolutely damn correct ! This cabal has deceived the populace from jump start !!! And of course they got more cajones to do what they want with tacit and direct support from the ABC players…starting with all of those individual observers/representatives who PREMATURELY announced the May 11th, 2015 elections results. And who because of self interest they declined or refused to retract after the evidence of fake polls stared then in the face because they would have been recalled, their individual careers would have been damaged… heard they even went to the Chief Justice to discuss non tolerance of elections petition !!!! Maybe the fuminations by Dr Leslie Ramsammy are in order… we are experiencing the consequences of the manipulation of undemocratic actions by the various ‘players”

    So the PNC/AFC Cabal got “spounce” to do what they want to…no wonder they eager to want to talk to the PPP…. so you give them surreptitious support to all the evolving incompetence, deceipt, ambiguous and forked tongue positions taking place !!!!

    It so blasted brazen that I saw President Granger refer to former President Jagdeo as Comrade when he was commenting on Jagdeo’s position on Venezuela !!!!

  15. dey go in there , and deh see de money nuff nuff. suh now is a mad mad scramble foh get how much you can befoe he done.. oh boy !

  16. For the very first time I agree with this guy. What the hell is wrong with this government. This is getting out of hand.

  17. “Neophyte Ministers” don’t deserve “insensitive” pay hikes – Rohee
    Rohee those that are installed as puppets to US will do as they pleased and you can not stop them.
    PPP and you can not mobilize the people to come on to the streets to stop this injustice. About 40 people will rip the guts out of the working class in Guyana.
    All others they see as garbage and they could not care less.


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