Nabarima oil spill may not have any direct impact on Guyana’s marine ecosystem – CDC


The Nabarima tanker [FFOS photo]
The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) says based on investigations so far, it has been determined that an oil spill from the Nabarima tanker will not have any direct impact on Guyana’s marine ecosystem.

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Update on Oil Tanker FSO Nabarima in Caribbean Sea

The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) today made several analyses and modelling of the potential threat of an oil spill from the FSO NABARIMA (bearing Venezuelan flag) which is listing with 173,000 tons of oil cargo off the coasts of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago in the Gulf of Paria.

The prognosis does not show any direct impact on Guyana’s shores or marine ecosystem from any releases happening. Indirectly, it may affect fisherfolk who are licensed to operate in surrounding waters off the coast of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago.

While there are no reports of any spills or discharges, there are concerns that if its contents do become discharged into the Gulf of Paria, it can become a major disaster that affects Caribbean countries.

Current response actions being taken are: stabilisation of the vessel by Venezuelan authorities and granting of permission by Venezuela for Trinidad to conduct inspections while alternative FSO vessels are being procured to transfer the NABARIMA’s cargo.

The CDC will continue to liaise with its local, regional and international counterparts to ensure the situation is adequately monitored and that no threats are posed to Guyana.
Fishing and sea-going vessels are urged to continue being on the lookout for any sighting of oil spills and to report immediately to MARAD Georgetown Lighthouse on telephone number 226-9871.