Murder suspect stabs police during arrest



Police Lance Corporal Bertland Scotland is in a serious condition after he was stabbed several times about his body by a murder suspect.

The incident occurred at around 16:40hrs today at S1A Junction, One Mile, Port Kaituma, North West District (NWD).

Bertland, who is stationed at the Port Kaituma Police Station, was stabbed to his left hand, left hip, left lower abdomen, left eye brow and left buttock by the 27-year-old murder suspect.

The man was wanted in connection with the murder of pensioner Earl Peters on September 5, 2020; the recent serious wounding committed on Troy Roberts who is presently admitted at the GPHC; and also for wounding of Police Constable Edwards at Arakaka Police Outpost on August 20, 2020.

Today, acting upon information received, ranks confronted the suspect in the upper flat of a two-storey building and during the process of apprehending him, he whipped out a knife and wounded the Lance Corporal.

The cop initially received medical attention at the Port Kaituma District Hospital but is now being transferred to the city for more advanced medical care.

Meanwhile, the suspect has been arrested.

The investigation is continuing.