Murder accused killed, brother critical following attack at NA Prison


An alleged confrontation among prisoners at the New Amsterdam penitentiary earlier today (Wednesday) has resulted in the death one prisoner and his brother being seriously injured.

This information was confirmed by a police source moments ago.

Neshan Jagmohan (right) and his brother Ramnarine

The dead man has been identified as murder accused; Neshan Jagmohan, while the injured sibling has been identified  as Ramnarine Jagmohan.

Both are said to be standing trial for the death of businessman Devindra Deodat, who was killed on October 7, 2013 at Hampshire Squatting Area, Corentyne.

Deodat was allegedly chopped and riddled with bullets by a gang of masked men after they attempted to rob his grocery store.

Based on reports received, on Wednesday, the Jagmohans had just returned from their court hearing and were making their way to their respective living quarters when they were attacked by three other men- two of whom are said to be on remand.

The deceased’s brother reportedly sustained over 10 stab wounds and is in a critical condition at the New Amsterdam hospital.

Investigations are ongoing.


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