Motorcyclist killed in Essequibo accident


A 20-year-old Essequibo Coast man on Saturday night after crashing into a bridge in the vicinity of the Richmond Housing Scheme Nursery School.

The young man has been identified as Kishan Sankar called ‘Dadoo’. The accident occurred sometime around 20:15h.

According to reports, Sankar was riding his motorcycle, reportedly at a fast rate, on the Richmond access road when he lost control and slam into the concrete rail of the bridge that leads to the nursery school.

Nearby residents say that heard the loud impact and rushed to the scene, where they found the cyclist was pinned under the bike in a nearby drain. They quickly removed the cycle from on top of the unconscious man and pulled his badly injured body from the drain.

Sankar was then rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to relatives, the now dead young man had just left home to drop a friend on the public road and was returning home when the accident occurred.