President Granger urges fathers to spend time with children

President David Granger admires his daughter Mrs. Han Granger-Gaskin and granddaughter Faraa Gaskin as they play a game at State House in Georgetown

As the world celebrates Father’s Day today, President David Granger is urging men to make time to spend with their children.

The following is a Father’s Day message from the Head of State:

“I have no doubt in my mind that the happiest moment in my life is when I was 26 and my first daughter was born all of 48 years ago. It is a sense of responsibility; there is a sense of joy, knowing that you participated in bringing a human life into this world.

It is a feeling that I feel all fathers should share as we celebrate Father’s Day. I urge fathers where ever they are to find a few minutes, a few hours, days and weeks to spend with their children.

This has been the policy of our government to encourage happy families by providing houses, by ensuring that there are enough schools for children to go to and by allowing the next generation to grow up in a happy country. Happy families, happy country. So that is my dream.

Father’s Day is not only 24 hours it is really a lifetime celebrated from one generation to the next.”