Motorcyclist claims $11,000 in damages after colliding with 6 – year – old

The injured child.


The injured child.
The injured six – year – old child.

[] – Six – year – old Rajaram Sharma of Bush Lot Village, Essequibo Coast was rushed to the Suddie Hospital and subsequently admitted after he was struck down by a motorcyclist near his home on Friday, February 28.

According to the mother of the seriously injured child Nandranie, the motorcyclist did not render any assistance but instead is claiming $11,000 in damage for his motorcycle.

Nandranie said her son who is a student of the CV Nunes Primary School, Anna Regina was on his way for a swim in a nearby trench after completing his task of watering plants when he was hit down by the motorcycle.

According to the mother she did not see what happened but was was informed by a villager that her son was involved in an accident and she ran to the scene.

She said her son was lying on the street, bleeding and cried out for pain in his back. Nadranie added that she picked up her son and rushed him to the hospital where he was admitted. Police are investigating the incident. 



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