Mother, son arrested for racially-inciting Facebook comments against President – police on the hunt for two more



Two persons so far are in police custody for “racially-inciting comments” they allegedly posted on popular social media site, Facebook, against President David Granger and Guyanese of African descent.

Bibi Safoora Salim
Bibi Safoora Salim

Bibi Safoora Salim, of Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) along with her son was yesterday taken into police custody for questioning in relation to a post that was made on the woman’s Facebook profile.

“Granger want a bullet in head…I am out of a job now because of them,” had caused a public uproar when it began to circulate after being posted on Salim’s Facebook page.

According to a police source, the 52-year-old woman’s son was taken into police custody after it was alleged that he was the one who initially created the Facebook profile for his mother.

Meanwhile, investigators of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) are continuing the hunt for two other individuals who are said to be overseas-based with regards to similar posts made on their Facebook pages.

INews was told that the two overseas-based persons have been identified as Milly G. Mangar and Victor Singh.

Facebook photo of Milli Mangar
Facebook photo of Milli Mangar

However, in light of the allegations being leveled against him, Singh told INews today that he is being impersonated on the social media and that he has never and would never use his Facebook profile to promote racial incitement of threats on people’s lives.

Below is the statement which he sent to this online publication:

“I, Victor Singh, a Canadian-based Guyanese businessman – observed on Facebook and Guyana’s mainstream media many attempts to smear my character by linking me to an uncivilized Facebook thread containing racial incitement, nudity and incendiary rhetoric with threats on the life of Guyanese, inclusive of President David Granger. I arrived at the conclusion of the attempts to implicate me because my photographs were taken from my authentic Facebook profile and imported into the contentious post on social media.  I can with complete confidence say that the particular fake profile bearing a similar name to mine is no way connected to me.

The malicious attempt to link me to this offensive and disgusting using Fake Facebook account to post attacks, could only be described as a desperate attempt of pure wickedness.  I have my own suspicions of who are the perpetrators behind this brainless act.  Every effort is being made to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Police Officers from Multiple Divisions and Teams including the ‘CIB’ and ‘ICE’ from the Niagara Regional Police Service and Peel Regional Police Services is analyzing and investigating this serious incident (#16-24519) to have my name clear and bring the perpetrators to justice.  The Niagara Regional Police Force will be in contact with the Guyana Police Force.”

Meanwhile, for persons found guilty of the offence(s) mentioned above they could be charged under the, “racial hostility act, for attempting to incite excitement, hostility or ill-will on grounds of race.”

In Chapter 23 of the Act, it is stated that “a person shall be guilty of an offence if he willfully excites or attempts to excite hostility or ill-will against any section of the public or against any person on the grounds of their or his race, by means of words spoken by him in a public place or spoken by him and transmitted for general reception by wireless telegraphy or telegraph; or by causing words spoken by him or by some other person to be reproduced in a public place from a record; or by means of written (including printed) matter or pictorial matter published by him”.

Any person found guilty of this offence shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $65,000 and can be imprisoned for two years.


  1. Thats how things has always been and will always be .the moment you crtiizes these morons you are called a racist.They can do whatever they want and you must stsy silent.

  2. Petal you are dumd as can be and you live in America i guess thats the only place you can live because you cant fix stupid.Your messaih is a wooos worst than a pre schooler.if you critizes him your are racist .Cant take a dose of his own medicine they have done worst to the former pres where were fools like you then.Oh i am sorry this one is a woose a cyr a baby.

  3. I am yet to see or hear from anyone be it black, white, indian or whoever to show me the benifits/profit of being racial; and saying demeaning things to and about others.At the end of the day we all are humans.As a youth young woman it is amazing to see how stupid and ignorant adults act. And then turn around to talk about freedom of speech.BUUUUUTTTTTT we all have to know, that even though there is something called ‘freedom of speech’, we have to know our limits with what we are saying. L
    et them face the full consequence’s’ of their actions[stupitidy].

  4. What happened when PPP/C was in power and so many bad things were said/written about Jagdeo? Why the police didn’t make any arrest then? The shoe is now on the other foot.

  5. Jail them,set an example so many other who fail to understand we are all Guyanese,it’s the backwards thinking of these HATE MUNGERS that have all the POLITICAL POWER HUNTERS brainwashing and living large while the people who place them in control suffering, SAD STATE OF GUYANA

  6. I’m on total agreement with the actions taken against the persons involved in this brainless attack on Guyanese of African origin. Laws are made for every persons security. No matter of colour race or creed. Ppl need to know that these acts are not tolerated and are against the law.

  7. This is crazey.
    Every time an indian attempt to make a comment they are victimized but on the contrary for afro guyanese.
    They can bully and kill but no one seems to care less.

  8. I believe any threats on any president life dont matter what race must be jailed,in America we have two race white and black, if you are not black you are white all indians all call black here,my indian friend told me when she came to America she put her race as indian and they put black ,she told me she was suprise,so i dont know what all the stupid talk about race,the police should jail them all ,who trying to create racial tension.


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