Mother “shocked” teen suspect gets bail for killing her son

L-R: Amrita Panday and her son Rockey Sawh

Amrita Panday, the mother of the 15-year-old boy who was fatally shot to his head by his best friend, is frustrated with the manner in which the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is conducting its investigation into the murder of Rockey Sawh.

Sawh, 15, of David Street, Kitty, Georgetown, died on Wednesday at the Georgetown Pubilc Hospital – hours after he was “accidentally” shot to the head by his 17-year-old best friend who has since been released on bail.

Panday told this publication that investigators are not communicating with her and that she learns about developments in the case from the media.

Further, she explained that she was not even aware that the suspect was released on bail until she saw the news on Facebook.

“When I saw it on my phone last night [Sunday night], I broke down in more tears because nobody called and say nothing to me. I just see it on the Facebook that the boy is getting $100,000 bail. This is really wrong because I am not hearing nothing from these people. If you ask question, they are not talking you,” the distressed woman explained, noting that the news was “shocking”.

It has been close to a week since her son’s death, and Panday believes the investigation is moving too slow.

In fact, the grieving mother said she made several visits to the Police Station and the officers were ignoring her.

“When I was talking to them [the police], they were walking away like you don’t exist, and like my son Rockey was never here,” she expressed.

Moreover, the Panday is casting heavy blame on the parents of the teen suspect who is responsible for her son’s death. Further, she expressed anger over the fact that the family has not reached out to her.

Panday believed that since the two teenagers were best friends, the suspect’s parents should have the decency to talk to her.

“I wasn’t supposed to be seeing my son like that. I actually supposed to be seeing him go out in a long pants to school, but instead I saw my son lie down in a black down pants, going his way,” she lamented.

Reports are that Sawh was at his friend’s house at Sandy Babb Street, Kitty for a sleepover.

The two teens were said to be home alone.

According to the police, just as they finished having a meal, the suspect breached the lock of a secured wardrobe where a license .32 Taurus Pistol, owned by his father, was being kept.

After retrieving the gun, the teenager then showed it to his friend and “accidently pulled the trigger”, the police said.

Sawh was shot to his right side head, causing him to fall to the ground.

He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was admitted in a serious condition. He later succumbed to his injuries .