Mother of 2 shot in her face, killed by bandits for not having any money

Killed: Lilawattie Mohamed

A mother of two is now dead following a tragic break and entry at her Tain, Corentyne home last night.

Killed: Lilawattie Mohamed

Lilawattie Mohamed, a 45-year-old domestic worker was reportedly in the company of her two children at their lot 149 Tain Settlement, Corentyne home when two armed bandits ambushed them.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 23:30hrs last night, and the two bandits allegedly broke down the door of their home to gain entry.

Inews understands that the bandits began to threaten the trio and demanded that they turn over all valuables.

However, Mohamed reportedly told them that she had no money in her possession, but this only angered the perpetrators, leading to one of them shooting the mother of two in her face.

The men then fled the scene, while Mohamed died shortly after.

No one has been apprehended since the murder and police are continuing their investigations. (Ramona Luthi)


  1. Very sad .Where is Ramjattan? Why is he so quiet? He had all the answers while he was in opposition. Crime is on the increase. Stop fooling the public.

  2. This is heart breaking news. I hope these killers are caught . I hope this family gets Justice. These Killers need life in Prison. ]

  3. Crime down claim the Minister Of Public Security, yet only people of one ethnic group are targeted and robbed. How sad, this lady is a domestic worker, what wealth could she have had at her home for her to be targeted.

  4. Granger and his thugs are now killing people for not having money what a shame the man is useless that’s why he is always in hiding .This is the change this incompetent fool promised the people –to destroy the indians.


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