Moco Moco bars President Ramotar from entering village


By Fareeza Haniff

President Ramotar during one of his recent visit to an Amerindian Community.

[] – The Village Council of Moco Moco in the Rupununi, Region 9 on Tuesday, February 18 prevented President Donald Ramotar and his team from entering the village because proper procedures were not followed prior to the visit.

Toshao, Mark George said that the Council received late notice from the representative of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in Lethem, identified as Mr Kissoon.

The Toshao explained that the Amerindian Act clearly stipulates that the Council needs one week’s notice before such a visit.

“10 ‘o clock on Monday morning I get a phone call… Mr Kissoon from Lethem…all the guy said is that the President will be visiting your village tomorrow at 5,” Toshao George explained.

He further noted that the Council would have made an exception if a written letter was submitted two days before the intended visit by the Head of State.

“I offered a date; I offered to him that we should be the one putting forward the date and not him.”

The Toshao noted that he is now concerned about a possible backlash from the PPP government as a result of the Village Council’s decision to prevent the President from visiting.

In January, reports surfaced along with a recording where a voice allegedly that of the President could be heard telling a Teacher from the Amerindian community of Aishalton that “you don’t know anything about Jagdeo; if he been here, he might have slap you, cause you stupid.”

While the President has not fully accepted the recording to be that of him, he has not denied it either.

The same Teacher was later slapped by a Presidential Guard after heckling President Ramotar during a community meeting in his village.