Minister Edghill urges contractors to get work done in accordance with their contracts

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill inspecting ongoing works in Regions Five and Six
Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill inspecting ongoing works in Regions Five and Six

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill yesterday visited ongoing projects in Regions Five and Six, where he urged the contractors to get the work done in keeping with the specifications outlined in their contracts.

At De Hoop village in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), the Minister inspected works which are progressing well.

However, in Brehaspat Street, Number Two Village in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) Minister Edghill was told that the contractor had demobilized, due to allegations of physical abuse by residents.

During the meeting, residents explained to Minister Edghill that the contractor had used “sappy materials” as a base for the road being built in the area. The initial contract sum for the project was $31.6 Million.

The residents were also unhappy over the fact that the road was not graded before loam was layered.

It was later explained by the Ministry’s Engineer that sections of the road which were not deteriorated were not removed but was used as a foundation for the layer of loam.

On the issue of the “sappy materials” being used, Minister Edghill warned that if the allegations are found to be accurate, the Engineer, Clerk of Works and the contractor will be held accountable for rectifying same at no cost to the Ministry.

Additionally, Minister Edghill urged residents during the meeting to be respectful in voicing their concerns to the contractor. He noted too that they should not halt development plans while continuing to be the eyes of the community.

Enroute to Black Bush Polder, Minister Edghill stopped and inspected construction work being done by the Guyana Defence Force in Lesbeholden, Region Six. The team was busy constructing a 90 feet heavy duty timber bridge to benefit the residents.

Over in Black Bush Polder, the Minister inspected ongoing road works. Residents thanked Minister Edghill for his visit and for ensuring that the road is being built.

Accompanying Minister Edghill to a community meeting was the Regional Chairman, Mr. David Armogan, Regional Vice Chairman, Mr. Zamal Hussain and NDC Chairman, Mr. Ubraj Matadeen.

During remarks, Minister Edghill pointed to the importance of farm to market roads. He stressed the importance of Agriculture even in the birthing years of oil production, here in Guyana.

The Minister however used the opportunity to highlight the importance of trucks adhering to the weight limits.

In fact, one resident said he feels that rice millers should be held accountable for damaging the road due to over loading in Black Bush.

One resident who attended the meeting from Yakusari North complained that farmers are converting the residential house lots to farm lands, much to their discomfort.

The resident said that due to the farming activity, heavy duty trucks would frequent the internal streets and cause damage.

Moreover, it was noted that chemicals also affect them. Minister Edghill said he will be looking into the concerns raised during the meeting.