President Ali, cricketing maestro Sarwan encourage athletes to be business savvy

President Irfaan Ali and Ramnaresh Sarwan at the opening of RS53 Bar and Lounge at Providence, EBD
President Irfaan Ali and Ramnaresh Sarwan at the opening of RS53 Bar and Lounge at Providence, EBD

West Indies cricketing maestro Ramnaresh Sarwan has recently proved there is work to do after retiring from sport by leaping into the world of business for a second time officially last week. He has unveiled his upscale RS53 Resto Bar and Lounge, situated at Providence, East Bank Demerara.

Best known as a West Indian batting legend, Sarwan is of the firm belief that business is a viable avenue for sportsmen and women after they choose to retire.

Importantly, President Dr. Irfaan Ali shares Sarwan’s view that becoming business savvy is explorable for both retired and still practising athletes.

However, Sarwan’s advice to his fellow sports personalities is: plan ahead of time.
“I really hope this does give people a vision, especially people who have been playing sports, that it’s just not the end when you’re finished playing. I think the important thing is to plan before, even before you’re going to retire. You don’t want to try and do something until you retire. So, I hope this would have an impact on the young guys coming up,” the former West Indies batsman has said.

Sarwan added, “I can call a few names: Lennox Cush, Travis Dowlin, those are two guys that I’ve known for sure who are involved in business. I hope Travis, Lennox and myself will be able to inspire the other young guys coming through.”

And Guyana’s President Dr Irfaan Ali has posited that Sarwan is a great example for other sportsmen and women to emulate, and that Government is willing to lend a hand in such ventures.

“This is a great inspiration for young sports men and women, and I would like to say, even if sports personalities come together to join projects, the Government is willing to work with them to help them in putting together plans and programmes (and in) giving them advice. That is the role of Government, to help in the facilitation,” the President has shared.

Another thought that the President shared in regard to getting athletes ready for life after sport is the need for sports organisations to play a role in guiding athletes.

President Ali posited, “But I think it’s important for sports personalities these days too, to have a focus on the future. You know, there’s a lot of stardom that is associated with sports today, especially in cricket, there’s the T20 cricket, and you can be easily carried away. And I think this is where you need the management of the sporting facilities, the management of the various sports disciplines, to be intact and playing a leadership role, because you need counselling services, you need training and development of young sport personalities in directing them to areas that would see their enhancement and improvement.”