Mining on path to surpass 2013 accomplishments – Persaud

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By Kurt Campbell

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Robert Persaud.
Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Robert Persaud.

[] – Natural Resources and Environment Minister Robert Persaud announced on Tuesday (January 28) that a total of 28,000 ounces of gold have been declared already for 2013 which is more than what was recorded during the same period last year.

According to him, the sector seems to be on a path to surpass its achievement in 2013 with a gold declaration of 481,100 ounces. He said the goal this year is to ensure that operators within the sector remain aware of their environmental and social responsibility.

Persaud also spoke of what he said was a recovery from the decline in gold prices suffered in 2013. He implored that operators harness the right conditions that will allow mining to remain profitable.

“We must ensure that the sector remains viable because it is a major contributor to the economy and as such we will continue to address aggressively all social and environmental issues.”

He said that attention will also be paid to compliance and enforcement of mining rules and regulations while reiterating the tremendous promise the sector holds if these are upheld.

The Natural Resources Minister said there have also been bright prospects in the bauxite industry and developments in the manganese sector.

He said discussions are ongoing with a company out of Trinidad and Tobago in this regard. The Minister said it irks him to know however that the confidence of investors have been thwarted with the opposition to key investments here.

Meanwhile, Minister Persaud said it is also admirable the willingness and effort of operators to pursue new technology in the gold finding process.

He said the Ministry has approached commercials banks to assist small miners in making the transition to mercury free mining.



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