Min of Agriculture held annual food competition


It was a finger licking affair in the compound of the Ministry of Agriculture as it hosted its annual Healthy ‘Food Cook- Off’ competition on Wednesday.

Departments in the ministry served up a vast array of sumptuous Guyanese cuisine out of specific food items such as sweet potato, breadfruit, coconut, and rice among others.

The event was held with the aim of encouraging healthy eating in Guyana and saw the preparation of health conscious menus utilising the local produce outlined above.

In the breadfruit corner the menu included fried breadfruit chips, pepperoni breadfruit pie, breadfruit and salt fish; breadfruit custard and breadfruit drinks among many others. The coconut area had coconut punch; fish smothered in coconut sauce and coconut cookies among many more menus.

Story and photos by Carl Croker    

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