Merriman Mall vendors express frustration over huge increase in vending fee


The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown will be raising the fees for vendors plying their trade at the rehabilitated Merriman Mall. The new fee is now  $1500 daily, jumping from $300.

The rehabilitated area where vendors will occupy from Wednesday
The rehabilitated area where vendors will occupy from Wednesday

This huge increase is not resonating well with vendors who are bitterly objecting to the arbitrary move by City Hall. Many of them have since expressed shock and frustration at the manner in which this increase is being foisted upon them.

Two months after finally being relocated to their initial vending spot, the vendors had opined that everything would return to normalcy. This thought was however short-lived, as returning to the spot comes with a hefty price tag for rental fees.

The adjusted announcement was made during a meeting on Monday at City Hall to facilitate the way forward for the vendors.

INews understands that the vendors had tried to negotiate for a reduction, complaining that this was way too high for just a day’s occupancy. However, their attempts were futile since it was reported that they were told a reduction was not possible.


  1. Almost 500% increase? I guess they are copying the American way of doing things in every way!!!! So much for “caring” about the people. DISGRACEFUL!


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