M&CC gets tough with food outlets …five facing impending closure


Five food outlets in and around Georgetown are facing impending closure by the Mayor and City Council’s Meat and Hygiene Food Department. This was disclosed yesterday by Acting Head of the Department Abiola Baker during a press conference, according to the Department of Public Information.

Acting Head of Meat and Hygiene Food Department, Abiola Baker

Baker said that none of the five businesses have the necessary documentation that would permit operation of any sort, more so a business that deals with food. Some of the outlets that are being closed have been notified since 2015, DPI said.

According to DPI, Baker explained that “some of them have been operating under insanitary conditions, they have been operating without their food handlers certificate and they have also been employing staff and have them operating under those circumstances and conditions as well. We have visited them several times, we served them with violation notice to no avail so we have had to take this decision of having them closed.”

Two of those businesses are located on Sheriff Street, one in Castello Housing Scheme, another on Dennis Street and one on Duncan Street. It was also disclosed by Baker that the council is preparing to close more food businesses that are not complying with the laws.

Town Clerk Royston King, speaking to the issue, said that the non-compliance of the regulations and bylaws governing food establishments is something that has been ongoing for years.

According to DPI, King stated that “we are now taking action to close them down because we have an interest in securing the public health of our local neighbourhood and all of our citizens… it is for the good of the citizens of the city.”



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