Masked gunmen rob “Cheese Please” customers

The Cheese Please fast food outlet in Kitty, Georgetown

Four armed men executed a brazen robbery on a trio who was waiting for their meals outside the popular food outlet “Cheese Please” in Kitty, Georgetown, on Saturday evening.

Based on reports received, at about 23:00h on the night in question, the three persons were outside of the food establishment when the armed bandits arrived in a silver-grey motorcar.

As the car came to a halt, the four men exited and approached the three victims, brandishing their firearms while demanding that they hand over their cash, jewellery and other valuables.

The Cheese Please fast food outlet in Kitty, Georgetown

The petrified victims immediately complied; a businessman of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara (ECD) handed over his LG cellular phone along with an undisclosed sum of cash to the bandits while the other two victims were relieved of their cellular phones and an undisclosed sum of cash also.

The four perpetrators then rushed back into the vehicle and made good their escape along the David Street, Kitty, route.

Although an alarm was raised and Police arrived at the scene, the culprits were long gone. According to a police source, investigators reviewed the CCTV footage from nearby cameras but did not find any useful information.

In the midst of the chaos and confusion, the victims were unable to register the license plate number of the silver-grey car that the bandits used to execute their robbery.

Efforts to contact the proprietors of the Cheese Please establishment proved futile on Sunday.