Masked gunmen attack, rob Corentyne family


By Kristen Macklingam

Three masked gunmen stormed into the home of a labourer and his wife today, robbing the couple of an iPad, undisclosed quantity of jewellery and cash before making good their escape.

Reports are that around 03:50h this morning, 57-year-old Wasim Ally, of Hogstye, Corentyne, Berbice was at home with his wife when the incident took place. He had just opened the back door of his house to retrieve a basin that was left outside when he noticed three masked men armed with handguns.

robberyIn the blink of an eye, the bandits attacked him and took him back inside of his home while demanding money and jewellery.

Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam, told INews today that Ally reported that two of the three gunmen held him and his wife at gunpoint after entering their home.

The bandits ransacked the couple’s house and discovered an iPad and jewellery in the rooms which they took away when they made good their escape on foot.

Commander Amsterdam stated that Ally reported that he was gun butted to his head by one of the perpetrators but as a result of the bandits being masked at the time of the robbery the victims were unable to identify them.

Investigations are underway into the matter, and it is hoped that the relevant authorities will be able to nab the culprits soon, he said.

Ally, is a labourer who works at a fuel service station.

According to the ‘B’ Division Commander, prior to this robbery, Berbice has not experienced any major robberies or crimes for the past three weeks which is a testimony to the hard work of all ranks in his Division.

He noted that to date, excluding this morning’s incident, major crimes have been kept at a minimal in ‘B’ Division.




  1. They should not audit them alone jail them,can you tell us the difference between the thives, a thief is a thief regardless of pick pocket or X government officials

  2. This is funny for me the Government in office which is the PNC is busy auditing the the previous government and the theft is busy robbing the innocent Guyanese people.


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