Mash day parade gets exciting start from Police Youth Groups; Spectators disappointed over lack of local music


By Jomo Paul

Education Ministry revelers. [iNews’ Photo]
[]– On a Monday unlike many others, the almost perfume like aroma of Guyanese cuisine and meats being barbecued permeated the atmosphere along Irving Street and Vlissingen Road all the way into Church Street.

The streets filled with eager faces, ambitious sellers and sweaty revelers does well to signal that the time for Guyana’s Republic Day parade, known as Mashramani has arrived.

This year’s Mashramani is being celebrated under the theme “One People, One Nation, One Celebration.”

Persons sat on parapets, backs leaned on fences as the eagerly awaited the arrival of the first costumed band that is to mark Mashramani; however when that lone band came it did much to stir the growing crowd of onlookers, who’s facial expressions and body tones showed a small bit of disappointment.

Much to their shock they had much more to be disappointed for, but the anecdote ‘good things come to those who wait’ proved a point today with the several Guyana Police Force Youth Groups storming the streets filled with vibe, color and energy to brighten the faces of those onlookers.

The group of almost ten groups in individual floats was certainly something to marvel at as they pranced Irving Street making their way to the National Park in Thomas Land.

Guyana Police Force youth group revelers. [iNews’ Photo]
While the costumes left much to be desired, it was the looks on the faces of Guyana’s youth and the undeniable energy that had sold them to the crowd, beating some life back into what was quickly turning out to be a dreary day.

Guyana Police Force youth group revelers. [iNews’ Photo]
However, while the revelers frolicked through the streets of Georgetown, a lot of persons had begun to question, the noticeable absence of Guyanese soca music being played by the trucks leading the masqueraders.

One woman said “the Ministry of Culture revelers mashin’ to songs by Trinidadian artistes. What’s wrong with our local music? What happened to leading by example? as she vented her fury with what she saw as an ill deed.

Ministry of Agriculture. [iNews’ Photo]
iNews spoke to a young lady, who was just about seven years old; she said that she was experiencing “mixed emotions” about the parade thus far.

APNU/AFC Coalition.

She explained that initially it was boring but now it seemed to be “picking up”
but still was nowhere close to what she had expected.

Another spectator explained that the turnout to the mash day parade was faltering continuously. He said that for this year he expected more persons to turn out but so far he is disappointed.

President Donald Ramotar and his dream team.

The masquerade is expected to continue well into this evening and shortly after its culmination, the winners will be announced at the National Park.