Marics Company launches new Honda model, in-house financing

The 2021 Honda City car

Marics and Company Limited, the authorised distributor of Honda vehicles in Guyana, has launched the all-new Honda City 2021 model, together with its in-house financing.

The company’s General Manager, Anand Kalladeen, disclosed that it has been a part of the Guyanese auto market for over five decades.

“We are extremely happy to launch the all-new Honda City, 2021 model. This car is designed with supremacy in mind. You get a sophisticated style with great performance, advanced technology, and safety – all in this new Honda City,” Kalladeen said as he introduced the new vehicle.

According to him, Honda has a remarkable reputation for quality since its vehicles are durable and reliable. “The Honda brand is legendary,” he said, adding that one must choose Honda vehicles because they are fuel-efficient.

He said, “Honda believes in leaving blue skies for future generations so all Honda vehicles have very low emission rate. And most recently, Honda technology has been one of the number one features in the Formula 1 racing events. Max is sponsored by Honda and other brands.”

This new Honda City 2021 model, he disclosed, is a fusion of technology and comfort. He explained that it has a wide interior and state-of-the-art technology that will make each ride a pleasant one.
Marics and Company Limited has also launched its in-house financing options for vehicles. With this option, persons have to make a down payment of at least 25 per cent and have three or five years to repay.

“At Marics, we believe that ‘Your dreams go with you’. We strive to ensure that all our customers feel that experience whether they purchase any of our quality products or engage in our after-sales service,” Kalladeen noted.

With its tagline being the Home of Honda in Guyana, the General Manager said that Marics takes pride in helping communities and caring for the environment.

“Honda starts with this simple desire: to leave blue skies for our children, to pass on the joy of living life fully on a clean, beautiful planet. At Marics, we offer quality products and exceptional customer service. Honda products are known to be high quality and eco-friendly,” he reiterated.

In addition, the company handed over a cheque worth 1 million to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to assist victims of the countrywide flooding over the past few weeks.