Man found floating in Canje River after taking swim


The lifeless body of 51-year-old Deonarine Ishtar also called “Ravi”, a labourer of Smithfield, New Amsterdam, Berbice was on Wednesday pulled from the Canje River.

Based on reports received, the now dead man along with others were at Tucber Park New Amsterdam where they were waiting on a boat to transport two sheep into the Canje River.

As they were waiting on the boat to arrive, the now dead man reportedly took off his clothes and told the others that he was going to take a swim.

In doing so, Ishtar went into the water and swam to the other side of the Canje River where he reportedly held on to some grass near the river bank. The others were about their business.

However, about 20 minutes after, the boat arrived and as such, the other men went across the river to collect Ishtar but instead they found his motionless body floating in the water.

His body was collected, placed in the wooden boat and taken to shore. Upon arriving, the Police were contacted and upon inspecting the body, there were no marks of violence.

The body was escorted to the Arokium Funeral Home awaiting a post mortem. The police are continuing their investigations.