Man accused of Quamina St. fatal stabbing freed


Kelvin Chishlom was on Thursday freed of the May 1, 2014 murder of Nigel Lawson at Quamina Street, Georgetown by a jury that was on Tuesday last empanelled before the High Court.

Freed: Kelvin Chishlom

Chisholm, who was accused of the murder, denied stabbing Lawson to death after he [ Lawson] had reportedly stolen his [Chisholm’s] cell phone and iPod.

On Wednesday the State rested its case after star witness Rawlin Sarrabo testified at the High Court.

Sarrabo, who now lives in the United States, testified via Skype that in May 2014, he was living at 252 Quamina Street, Georgetown, where he witnessed the two men having an argument in front of his home on the day in question.

Sarrabo said he witnessed the stabbing, but did not see what “the man on the bicycle” used to stab the now deceased man.

Under cross-examination by defence counsel Compton Richardson, it was suggested that the star witness was not telling the court the whole truth of what he saw that night, but Sarrabo said that this was incorrect and maintained his story.

Police Lance Corporal Quinn Sandy had testified that he was performing duties on the day in question, when he was summoned to the scene.

He recalled seeing Lawson’s motionless body lying on the southern grass parapet on the road.

Sandy told the 12-member mixed jury that he later met the accused, who told him that the now deceased man had gone into his yard and stolen his cellphone and iPod.

The Policeman told the jury that Chishlom told him that the two men had a “fine scuffle”.

Sandy noted that, based on instructions, Chishlom was placed into custody.

Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh testified that Lawson’s cause of death was perforation to the heart and lungs via a stab wound.

The case was heard before High Court Judge, Justice Navindra Singh and the Jury gave a unanimous verdict of not guilty.

State Counsels Narissa Leander and Abigail Gibbs were assisting the Prosecution’s case, while Chishlom was being represented by Defence Counsels Hewley Griffith and Compton Richardson.


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