Mahdia’s township to be gazetted before year-end, says Minister Bulkan


The challenges that were faced with the realisation of Mahdia Township are being addressed through a work programme, according to GINA.

The work programme projects for these challenges to be overcome, and for the mining community to be gazetted as a town in the third quarter of 2017, according to Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan.

Mahdia-A section of Mahdia’s main commercial area (GINA photo)

According to GINA, Minister Bulkan explained that the challenges that were faced with the realisation of Mahdia Township had to do with the demarcation of the constituency boundaries.

“Under the legislation, the number of electors that are required for the election of a constituency representative or councillor, the number of residents in the geographic space of Mahdia poses some challenge to create the constituency,” Minister Bulkan explained.

“This has been the challenge that is being addressed, but the work programme is that those challenges will be surmounted in the third quarter of 2017 to allow for the gazetting of the town,” the minister added.

Also to be gazetted in 2017 are four new Neigbhourhood Democratic Council (NDC) areas, as announced by Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan during the presentation of the year’s Budget.

The four new NDCs area to be created are Kuru Kururu and Yarrowkabra, in Region Four, Baracara, in Region Six, and Aranaputa, in Region Nine. Minister Bulkan said that the outer boundaries for these new NDCs have been demarcated and defined.

He said that work is progressing in varying degrees on the internal boundaries, but the work programme provide for these four areas to be formally named as NDCs during the course of this year. This would allow for those areas to elect their own representatives and their own councils at the next Local Government Elections (LGE).

According to Minister Bulkan, the next LGE would be held in 2018.


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