Magistrate Alex Moore suspended indefinitely by Judicial Services Commission

Magistrate Alex Moore.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes


Magistrate Alex Moore.
Magistrate Alex Moore.

[] – Controversial Magistrate Alex Moore was yesterday suspended by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) following allegations of inappropriate behavior made by an East Coast Demerara businesswoman.

Member of the JSC, Justice Prem Persaud told iNews today during a telephone interview that the Commission met yesterday (Friday, November 28) where the matter was discussed and a decision was taken to suspend Magistrate Moore with immediate effect over the allegations.

Justice Persaud further explained that an inquiry will be established and the Magistrate will be notified and given an opportunity to defend himself.

It is after this that a decision will be taken on the way forward as it relates to his suspension. However, Justice Persaud said priority is being given to this matter to ensure that all parties are treated equally, noting that it would be unfair to have the Magistrate on suspension for too long without investigating the allegations.

According to reports, Moore was accused by 47 – year – old Businesswoman, Seerojanie Singh of improper conduct during a hearing at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court on November 12.

The woman had written to the Chancellor of the Judiciary (Ag), Justice Carl Singh over the “torment” she claimed to have endured at the hands of Magistrate Moore.

According to reports, the woman has deemed the Magistrate’s behaviour as shocking and unheard of in a court of law. She added that the Magistrate was very disrespectful towards her in a packed courtroom and this promoted her to report the matter to the Legal Affairs Minister, the Ombudsman and Chancellor of the Judiciary.

The woman appeared at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court before magistrate Moore after she was cross charged with a man for using abusive language.

It is alleged that the Magistrate confronted the woman about each of the abusive words which stemmed from the encounter which included mostly expletives.

The woman said she was even threatened by the Magistrate for refusing to drop the charges and told she would be prosecuted.

According to reports in the Kaieteur News, the woman said, “He asked the man and me, if he [the defendant] ask me to suck he c**k and b****r.”

It is alleged that the Magistrate resorted to asking her who “told her to come to court” to which she responded “the police.”

“You know what the Magistrate turned and ask me? If the police tell me to take off my jewel and give them, if I would do that? Me seh ‘no sir’. He turn and tell the police (court orderly) to ask me to give him the jewel and he did. I seh ‘sir you didn’t buy this and give me so I won’t take it off and give you.”

“He (Magistrate) turn and ask me if the police ask me for sex me if me go give in and me nah answer right, because me shame and if you see how this man ah lash down on this desk for me to answer the question. Then me tell he no.”

It was Magistrate Moore who recently handed down a surprising five year suspended sentence to confessed drug trafficker, Leonard Bacchus; a decision which was heavily criticized by sections of the legal fraternity.



  1. We need Magistrates, like Alex Moore. So please report the true facts of the case in question. And by Suspending Mr Moore for his “inappropiate behavior”, we could understand how The Judicial System in Guyana Really Works!!!

  2. george take a look at our DPP..poor thing does not have a clue but yet shes the DPP. then look at magistrate judge judy latchman too..
    criminal lawyers making rings around them daily in hit it on the head direct..

  3. Come seem little diamond squatting areas the ministry has deregularised. The area, physically there is no land space on the ground for drainage and a selected few were issued with certificate of owner ship,
    Charles misled us and provided me with misinformation, x and told minister Ally another story.
    It’s my pleasure if some interested group can visit this area,

  4. The magistrate should be ashamed, but where is the bar association, red thread,guyana human rights,Iachr., guess why they are silent, ? The victim is an Indian woman,

  5. Atlas some one get a bit justice for now. Me have a problem with my house. Since 2007 to present. Where one Wayne Charles took upon himself and a group of thugs. Demolished my 5bed room home. To this day no justice. Mr Poonai is the ins company, lawyer also represent Wayne Charles. Where that leave me. No justice.

  6. Looks like this magistrate is obviously sick. There are too many young and inexperienced magistrates sitting on the bench. The experienced lawyers who should’ve been serving as magistrates prefer private practice because they would like to make a decent living. The government must make the magistracy more attractive. Sam Hinds is always at the ready to swear in any Tammy, Hardik or Beharry who graduated the other day from UG, as a magistrate. They soon become power drunk and want to flex their muscle on any and everyone including lawyers. Some years ago a certain young magistrate (Sparendaam Court) threatened to jail a lawyer for a minor matter. This same magistrate now lives in New York selling real estate. Some got the job, the job left them and they still can’t figure out the true meaning of being a magistrate. When you are given the power to administer justice you must measure up to certain accepted standards, because this job is almost spiritual.

    Mr Sam Hinds I call on you to stop putting the power of justice in the hands of sick people. Magistrates must be thoroughly scrutinized before they occupy the bench.


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