Lodging houses in Georgetown to undergo stringent grading system – M&CC


All lodging houses in Georgetown will now have to undergo a stringent grading system by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) if they are to remain in operation. These include hotels, guesthouses and bread and breakfast places. This was disclosed by the M&CC during a press conference held recently, according to the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Carl Bey.

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Carl Bey pointed out that previously lodging houses were registered without being graded. This practice, he said, “will soon be a thing of the past,” as the M&CC is ensuring that all laws are followed upon the granting of licenses for these types of premises.

“This year, we will now have a grading system in terms of A, B and C. and the grading will be determined by the basic public health requirement in ‘28:01’, that is some requirements for lodging house that are in 2018. Location of these hotels as well as the franchise base, that will determine whether it will be an A, B or C,” Bey was quoted as saying by DPI.

According to Bey, hotel owners will be brought before the court should they fail to implement the necessary requirements. He explained that non-adherence following the receipt of a notice can result in the closure of the lodging house.

According to DPI, Town Clerk Royston King said the implementation of the grading system is as a result of the volume of complaints received by the Council, regarding lodging houses in the city. The Town Clerk stated that the M&CC has received “reports of hotel owners operating ransacked places without proper sanitary conveniences. In one case the owner has only plastic butter bowls with water for guests to wash their hands after they have concluded their activities. Some have smelly, torn mattresses while other have flooring, walls, and roofs with gaping holes accommodating termites, rats, and roaches.”

The names and grades for all lodging houses will be published in the media. King said that such actions are necessary for the protection of all citizens and individuals, who use those businesses, DPI said.


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