Local Gov’t Bills yet to be sent to President for assent

President, Donald Ramotar
President, Donald Ramotar

The four Local Government Bills that were passed in the National Assembly on August 7 are yet to be sent to President Donald Ramotar for his assent.

According to Government’s Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, the Bills are currently undergoing a process of vetting and correction by the Parliament Office with help from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

When contacted, Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs explained that the Bills are currently at the Attorney General Chambers and will be returned soon to the Parliament Office for final typing and printing.

Isaacs, while reminding of the quantity of amendments, explained that time was needed to ensure the Bills were accurate before being sent to President Ramotar.

Once the Bills reach the President, he has twenty one days to give his assent.

The four Local Government Bills are the Fiscal Transfer Bill, the Municipal and District Councils (amendment) Bill, the Local Government (amendment) Bill and the Local Government Commission bill.

Once assented to, it will pave the way for the holding of local government elections which was last held in 1994.



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