LJP to Granger: Stop torturing this nation, end this charade


See full statement issued by the Liberty and Justice Party headed by Lenox Shuman 

The Liberty and Justice Party welcomes the ruling of Madam Chief Justice Roxanne George in relation to the matter of elections 2020. In her ruling, Madam Chief Justice was pellucid that the matters brought before the court were already ruled upon (res Judicata), that the case was ill-conceived, that the 10 declarations were thrown out and that the recount numbers must be used to declare the next Governing Administration.

The ruling by the High Court is reflective of every stillbirth argument presented by the PNC (APNU/AFC) in trying to convince their supporters, the Guyanese people and the international community that they were victorious at the 2 March 2020 polls.

The LJP continues to commend the Chair of the GECOM for her patience and leadership of the commission in giving the aggrieved parties the opportunity to ventilate, to wits end, all matters that trouble their hearts.

While we know that Madam Chair is cautious, gives due consideration to all matters filed before the courts and extends the utmost courtesy to the aggrieved PNC and their supporters, we are hopeful that a long-overdue courtesy can be given to the nation that awaits the conclusion of the elections and delays no further in recognising the right of every Guyanese by ensuring that the sovereignty enshrined in Article 9 of the Constitution is respected.

Considering that the Caribbean Court of Justice and Madam Chief Justice were comprehensive and clear in their previous judgements, the LJP sees the approach to the Court of Appeal as a waste of the court’s and country’s time and it is an obstruction of the elections declarations by the PNC that we are hopeful will levy further sanctions on the perpetrators that continue to torture this nation through this process.

That Mr Granger says that his party is not interfering in the work of the GECOM, the frivolous filing that has been succinctly dispatched by the CCJ – Guyana’s Apex courts and now the high court, are paramount evidence of his and the PNC’s continued attempts to deny the electorate their franchise.

We call on Mr Granger to stop lying to his supporters, stop torturing this nation, call off his dogs of war and end this charade. We also call on Madam Chair to see through the PNC’s continued attempts to derail the conclusion of these elections and take decisive steps to show her mettle and end this torture.

The world knows the PPP won. Let’s get on with it!