Lindener died of shock, haemorrhage from stab wounds

Dead: Claude Dejonge

….Police still hunting suspect

The South Amelia’s Ward, McKenzie, Linden man, Claude De Jounge, who was murdered in his sleep during the wee hours of Thursday morning died from shock and haemorrhage due to multiple stab wounds.

Dead: Claude Dejonge

This is according to the post-mortem examination, with dissection, which was performed on the body of De Jounge at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Mortuary by Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh.

Police are still seeking the murder suspect, a 34-year-old Linden resident, identified as Corwyn Arthur called “Cross eye”, who is said to be the ex of the De Jounge’s reputed wife of 11 eleven years, Tanya Samuels.

The murder occurred at around 00:10hrs on Thursday while De Jounge was in bed with Samuels.

The suspect, reportedly visited the woman’s home on Wednesday evening, while her spouse was there and an argument reportedly ensued between Arthur and De Jounge, resulting in the police being contacted and the suspect being forced to leave Samuels’ premises.

Tanya Samuels

However, this seemed to anger Arthur more, who reportedly sent De Jounge a text message threatening to “make his life a living hell.”

Based on information received, the suspect then returned to the house the following morning and gained entry into the couple’s bedroom through a window.

He then jumped on to the sleeping De Jounge and began stabbing him about his neck, shoulders and abdomen with a knife.

At that time, Samuels’, who was lying next to her now dead spouse, awoke and witnessed the ordeal.

It is alleged that Arthur told her “is you cause that!…I get poison to drink when I done.”

He then reportedly grabbed the distraught woman and dragged her out of her home, before warning her against tending to De Jounge’s injuries.

Arthur then fled the scene.

INews was told that the suspect and Samuels’ were involved in a relationship while she was still with De Jounge .

However, in December of last year, the woman allegedly broke things off with the now wanted man but he would often visit her home as a “family friend.”



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