Linden couple robbed by gunmen


A Linden couple is now counting their losses after being robbed of their valuables by armed gunmen on Christmas Eve night.

Businessman Cleon Haynes, 40, and his reputed wife Marcella Douglas, 50, of Christianburg, Linden were reportedly attacked whilst they were in their yard.

The incident occurred at approximately 23:45hrs.

The man was robbed of a gold chain valued $350,000 and three gold rings valued $300,000, while his wife was robbed of a hand bag containing US$700, her passport , identification card, TIN certificate, 2 bank cheques and her car keys.

This publication understands that the incident occurred some time after the victims left their work place and returned home.

Upon approaching their yard in their car, the man reportedly exited the vehicle and opened the gate for his wife to drive inside.

As he was about to close the gate he observed four unidentifiable male individuals

The perpetrators were reportedly wearing masks at the time and were equipped with four black handguns each in their hands. Three of the perpetrators then ran into the yard and confronted the man, pointing their handguns at him and requesting valuables.

While this was happening, the other reportedly stood at the side of the couple’s car which was parked in the yard. They then then took away the woman’s handbag.

One of the perpetrators then reportedly pointed the gun at the man and fired three gunshots in his direction. However, he was not hit by any of the bullets. The perpetrators then ran out of the yard and made good their escape.

An investigation has since been launched into the incident.