Letter: Why is Basil Williams still on the job!


In the history of Guyana’s politics many morbid stories have been told of The PNC’s actions in and out of power much to the horror of us all. Indeed many stories of death and dying that could have been traced or aligned to the regime’s unenviable past, and may I say present.

A prime example is the Dr Walter Rodney case which was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this PNC Party is nothing but evil. There are many more of these horror stories I can relate but suffice it to say what Basil Williams did recently tells the real metal of who they really are.

His ranting is a threat but judging from the horrific past of this party no threat, I repeat, no threat can be considered a slip of the tongue far less idle when coming from this source.

It was a clear definitive statement by the Attorney General Basil Williams “the last magistrate that did that to me was later found dead,” clear language that needs no explanation. In the quote used above, there is nothing left to the imagination as to what he said, it is language used to shore up a prior deadly act.

Guyana is waking up to the ghoulish bullying schemes of a desperate Attorney General and party all over again. It happened under the 28 years rule of the Burnhamite Regime and it is happening again right before our very eyes. If anyone in this country had any doubts as to who these people are, what took place here recently in an open court dispels any iota of doubt as to the real intent of these people. And that is clear, we will rule with fear, and ill-will. We will rule with an iron fist.

As diabolical and preposterous as Williams’ statement is I am still dumbfounded as to The President’s lack of response to that?  What is Granger’s reaction to his Attorney General openly threatening a Judge? Is The President deaf or does he have some malfunction in his auditory meatus? I am paying close attention to The President’s reaction to this latest tirade on law and order and public safety in our country.

I recall the Bheri Ramsarran matter when he issued an innocuous threat to the overzealous activist Sherlina Nageer, that Minister was promptly fired by his president. So, why is Basil Williams still on the job? What is President Granger doing with his Attorney General?

Neil  Adams


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