LETTER: Why is a gift to the City not being maintained?


Dear Editor,

The insensitivity and crudity of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown becomes evident the moment one enters our capital city.

A major private sector entity has constructed, imported and installed a beautiful arch at the entrance of our city in Agricola to welcome visitors entering our city on the East Bank of Demerara. This arch which is just over a year old was launched with much pomp and fanfare which was attended by many persons including personnel from the Georgetown Municipality.

Regrettably however, since the installation of this arch on the occasion of Guyana’s Golden Jubilee, the municipality has done nothing to maintain the surrounding area. What a shame!

How could a municipality after receiving such a gift at no cost have not the decency to send a brush cutter operator, nor their favourite contractor to just manicure the area at the two bases of the arch on a fortnightly basis?.

Instead it is perennially overgrown with thick bushes, tall wild grass and littered with debris. Surely the members of the Fantastic Four on their frequent trips to and from the CBJ International Airport must notice this neglect, or is it that they don’t care? Have they not observed the scrupulous maintenance that is undertaken to arches and monuments overseas as they jaunt around the world aimlessly?

Why do we have a municipality with nearly a thousand workers and one that spends hundreds of millions of dollars each month on salaries, contractors, overseas trips and on fuel etc is anyone’s guess when they simply cannot even maintain a gift to the city.


Sean Levius


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