LETTER: Ramjattan is battling for relevance within Coalition Administration


Dear Editor,

I am very much unsurprised at the recent desperate tirades by Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, as he made another futile attempt to personally attack the good name and character of the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party and Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo.

While it is cognisant that any response to Mr Ramjattan would dignify his utterances, it would be remiss if I didn’t point out that such reckless, spurious and juvenile outbursts have become characteristic of him and demonstrative of his indisputable monumental ego as he battles for relevance within the coalition Administration. To say the least, it is unbecoming of someone entrusted with the reputable office of a Vice-President of our country bringing its reputation into dispute with such rancor.

Nationally embarrassed after being sidelined with his responsibilities as the nation’s Security Minister drastically gutted and having lost the Leadership of the Alliance For Change (AFC), he resorts to shamelessly exploiting every media-related opportunity to clutch at any semblance of relevance. With every such unbridled immature rant, it appears that he continues to fail in his frantic efforts to be accepted into the hierarchy of the Administration.

I wish to inform Mr Ramjattan that if he were to spend less time being consumed with Jagdeo, who was the nation’s sixth Executive President, and focus on his tax-funded ministerial portfolio so that the continual escalating crime wave can be effectively combatted, it would not only best serve his interest, but that of all Guyanese who are living in fear on a daily basis as the situation spirals out of control. If it’s any solace, he should take comfort that his responsibilities have been drastically slashed removing any excuse of him being overwhelmed.

That should be his priority rather than lashing out when he cannot provide meaningful answers when questioned. Having failed abysmally in the execution of his national security duties as evident by the Camp Street Prison riots in which seventeen lives were unfortunately lost, the decimation by fire of the facility a year later, the escape of dangerous criminals some of whom are still on the run and the daily assault on innocent Guyanese by criminal elements, Mr. Ramjattan’s capabilities to hold such office are woefully deficient and his presence in that position continues to be of a disservice to the nation.

I would like to remind him that Cheddi Jagan recognised the brilliance and leadership quality of Jagdeo at a very young age and drafted him into the Executive Committee of the Party.

When the  PPP/C won the 1992 National and Regional Elections, Jagdeo was made the Junior Minister of Finance and then promoted to Senior Minister of Finance.  Ramjattan was never trusted by Cheddi and Janet Jagan because of his lust for power.  One should never forget during the PPP/C Government from 1992-1997, Ramjattan mounted banners on the Corentyne demanding that he becomes the Minister of Home Affairs or the Minister of Legal Affairs.

Unlike Ramjattan, Jagdeo, who, through visionary and prudent leadership, led the transformation of Guyana through unprecedented infrastructural and technological development. During those prosperous times, the lives of Guyanese were positively transformed, many successive years of tangible economic growth were recorded and numerous visionary transformational projects to further improve the lives of our people were embarked upon.

Today Mr Ramjattan continues to reap the benefits of Mr Jagdeo’s selfless dedication and vision. Ramjattan would therefore be best advised that instead of holding an obvious grudge over Mr Jagdeo’s success which were for the betterment of  Guyana and the Guyanese people, he should try to reverse the failures he continues to engineer while executing the important responsibilities he has been entrusted. In his vile and  bitter excursions to attack Jagdeo’s credibility, it appears that Ramjattan is exhibiting symptoms of convenient amnesia with regard to his own.

While space will constrain the extensive list, Ramjattan would recall that he was the Attorney for one of the bidders of the proposed beneficial Specialty Hospital while being a Member of Parliament and who opposed the project simply on the basis that the company he represented was not awarded the contract.

Not satisfied with such glaring conflict of interest, Ramjattan publicly boasted after the 2015 elections that financiers of his Party must be rewarded. Having received a posh new office, he boisterously defended the benefactor when millions in government contract was awarded even though a related lack of capacity to execute was strenuously pointed out.

With a track record of such unethical behaviour, Ramjattan is completely devoid of any semblance of credibility to so accuse anyone. Jagdeo’s contribution to the development of Guyana remains unquestionable and has been lauded by many international organisations evident from the “Champions of the Earth” Award and many more.

Having been in the “belly of the beast” as Mr Ramjattan so eloquently boasted, he would know that it was a belly fortified with commitment to genuinely and positively transform the country and lives of its people. That has been accomplished with all the evidence staring Mr Ramjattan in his face. From his own utterances, it appears that Ramjattan could not and cannot appreciate and handle success, hence his continuous wallowing in failure.

Bharrat Jagdeo remains the most popular political leader in our country and the most internationally recognised. He has made the most positive contribution to this country and is indisputably, the most successful President of our country. He is the most respected Guyanese Politician in and out of our country. His achievements are there for everyone to see.

Zamal Hussain

Vryheid, West Canje, Berbice



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