Letter: Questions a COI cannot adequately deal with


Dear Editor,

Many of us are of the opinion that The Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the alleged assassination plot to kill The President is fast turning out to be a comical affair. In addition to its ludicrous nature it is a multi-million dollar affair which will cost the taxpayers a huge sum. Guyana could ill afford this kind of wastage of public funds at this time.

The episode began with some character mouthing a very serious charge of someone wanting to kill the sitting president of Guyana.  Now, a matter of this nature is a very, very, serious issue that should have been treated with utmost urgency.

Rather, what resulted after that startling revelation was no arrests being made, no charges being instituted, only a big masquerade pageant of a ‘who shot John” standpipe soap opera.

Further, things have petered out into a watered down hastily put together COI which would eventually amount to nothing. Commissions of Inquiry, can only make recommendations, they cannot prosecute. Institution of charges,  arrests and a thorough investigation are solely the work of a court of law.

Are we to surmise that our Present President has no confidence in the judicial system? If that is the case we are in a sorry state of affairs.

Be that as it may, let us take a deeper look at this assassination plot and the subsequent COI.

At the start of this alleged “assassination plot” all the media houses carried the whistle-blower’s surname  as Sufrein, however, at the beginning of the COI  I am seeing in the local press another surname for this guy, one Adrift.  Are we to believe that this is a deceptive move on the part of the informant? Another question the authorities need to address.

Further to our discussion why wasn’t both informant and accused not charged and placed before a court? Informant to present his evidence and accused to mount his defense? Neither of the real case scenario has surfaced?

In another startling revelation, is the fact that the journalist who is central to this news release is a convicted felon who certainly has an Axe to grind with the police.

No wonder why the lawyer for Travis Chase vehemently objected to the line of questioning from the experienced and most certified legal luminary on the COI Board. What was the motive for journalist as well as whistle-blower on this very serious issue? What did all parties hope to achieve? These are questions a COI cannot adequately deal with nor can they clear up from our minds.

So, back to my argument, this whole affair of an alleged assassination plot is a mere shenanigan which reeks of  a hidden agenda. We can safely draw the conclusion that this alleged plot was meant to distract public attention from real, serious, issues of a flat footed government in a doomed economy. These are the things we should be concerned about not on this wastage of taxpayers’ money on an eddying circle of non issues that would lead to nowhere. I rest my case.


Neil  Adams


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