Letter: More questions than answers exist


Dear Editor,

‘There is nothing done in the dark that will not come to light’. So it was in the case of the now infamous Drug bond fiasco. The revelation that the APNU+AFC administration had entered into a rental contract of a house in Sussex Street, Georgetown for $12,500,000 per month was met with loud expressions of incredulity by the entire population.

A population that had been subjected to vociferous claims of massive corruption of the previous administration was now witness to this act of hypocrisy in its most blatant manifestation.

Editor, the first question asked was how did AFC financier Larry Singh/political investor know of this ‘need’ for a drug bond which was never publicly advertised?  This has never been properly explained. Why would a government advance the 25 million dollars for the purchase of the property and then play $12.5 Million a month to store non-essential medical supplies?

There is no legitimate answer to this question save and except bare faced plunder of the public purse. What is worse is that this man was never known to be a provider of any such service previously.

The hands of Georgetown’s power couple was seen yet again in this scandalous scheme to defraud the public purse, it is more than passing strange that the Landlord of the bond shared office space in a building that also hosts a city café. The connection is more than tenuous and will engage the attention of the Special Organized Crime Unit sometime in the near future.

Since this ploy to pass money from State to financiers and friends of the APNU+AFC administration has come to light, it opened the eyes of the populace to the deep level of corruption involving the health sector. The sole-sourcing of drugs on flimsiest of excuses and the auditor general’s report of 2017 revelation that  drugs being stored at the hotel, raises the question of if they were being stored or were they there for surreptitious sale? More questions than answers exist.

Too many things remain cloaked in darkness; I call on public minded citizens to demand a spotlight be focused on these issues.

Yours Truly,

Bishop Juan A Edghill



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