Letter: Investigate Opposition ties to Brickdam fire


Dear Editor,

I have read with fascinating interest the news, both on social media and traditional media, that cover the fire that occurred days ago at the Brickdam Police Station.

One thing that seems not to rest very well with me is the confession statement given by the prisoner Clarence Greene. It does not add up, because there are too many holes in his statement. First, who did Greene attempt to rob that got him in trouble with the law? How long was he being held for, and under what conditions? Does he have any previous brushes with the law?

Second, how did he get the matches or fire to set a piece of the mattress alight? Where was he being held? Did he start the blaze that led to the fire alone, or with the knowledge of the others?

How come he knew the documents were below so well? What made him confess so willingly to the arson attempt?

Thirdly, where are the family members of Clarence Greene? Why did he give the Police an address that does not exist?

I was not able to find him on Facebook or any other social media platform based upon the information supplied in the public domain.

I am not buying his alleged confession or half-confession. There are too many questions that remain unanswered surrounding this dastardly incident.

I think the Police have to do a thorough investigation, because, for all we know, Clarence Greene is only the fall man. He could be part of a wider and more sinister political plot to cause instability throughout Guyana with the use of arson.

This whole thing requires both Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn and President Dr. Irfaan Ali conducting a thorough probe. We need to get to the bottom of this arson attack on these institutions of the state; They are becoming too frequent. Do not buy his reported confession so easily!

Secondly, investigate the handling of the fire, too. The firefighters must be held accountable for the decisions they made, which led to a preventable situation turning out to be a disaster. Start with the firing of top officials if you have to. Heads must roll. This is negligence of the highest form!

Thirdly, the Opposition APNU+AFC are suspect here. No one is fooled! There are pieces of proof that the Opposition have been known to be capable of committing, aiding, abetting, supporting, influencing and defending criminals against the state whenever the PPP is in power. They show a type of half-baked condemnation whenever they speak about crime.

This arson attack at the Brickdam Station comes after an earlier arson attempt on Vigilance Police Station and similar acts at North Ruimveldt Multilateral School and Mabaruma Secondary School. It also follows repeated threats along the line by various officials of the APNU+AFC.

After all, Paul Slowe made a statement that had me screaming double standards from the top of my lungs about the removal of debris from the Brickdam Police Station fire. Slowe’s double standard is evident, because he had no such concerns when the APNU+AFC Government commenced removing debris two days after and before a proper investigation into the Camp Street prison fire which destroyed the facility and left prison officer Odinga Wickham dead. This makes me think he is political, more than just concerned.

Just recently, I read that an official of the Opposition warned that the country will be set on fire during a protest march held by the coalition in New York. Is this what they are hitting us at? And, more recently, I read that fire at the National Insurance Scheme was averted. Could this be linked to the Opposition campaign of ‘Mo’ fire, slow fire”?

Also, can readers recall that two men confessed a few months back to being paid by an APNU+AFC activist to set the GECOM Linden office on fire in 2020? Do you see the pattern with the recent spate of arson?

I think we as citizens should stay woke, because the faces behind the arson attack on the Brickdam Police Station are yet to be revealed.

Yours truly,
Michael Younge