Letter: Guyanese still being treated poorly in Trinidad


Dear Editor,

On the heels of Guyana signing several agreements with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Guyanese are still being harassed and treated poorly at Trinidad airport.

On May 20th 2022, about ten of us were in transit in Trinidad on our way to Guyana from Florida, flight BW462. We were asked to de-plane and proceed downstairs at Piarco airport.

We then had to wait until all the Trinidad-bound passengers were processed, and then we were taken back upstairs through security. This is where all the harassment is done.

We were asked to take off our shoes, belts, watches etc; our bags were searched, and drinks and water that were given to us on the prior flights were taken away. The security continued to ask about duty-free liquor etc from the passengers.

Trinidad is the only country in the world that is treating in-transit passengers in this way, especially Guyanese. This is an age-old practice that must be addressed by the relevant authorities.

Trinidadians are allowed to roam freely, and are seeking business refuge in Guyana, while we are continuously being harassed in Trinidad. I am calling on the Foreign Affairs Minister and President Irfaan Ali to please address this practice immediately.

Ram Prashad
On behalf of the
other passengers