19-Y-O drowns while swimming across Ekereku River

Simon Jones

Police are investigating the suspected drowning of 19-year-old Simon Jones of Victoria, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The 19-year-old reportedly drowned at Rock Landing, Ekereku River, Upper Mazaruni, after he attempted to swim across the river.

Initial police enquiries revealed that Jones was last seen alive on May 27 at around 23:30hrs. At the time, he was attempting to swim across the Ekereku River from the right bank to the left bank.

On May 31 at around 10:00hrs, three miners from the area who were traversing the river, observed a body afloat close to the left bank of the said river.

Police in the division were informed and subsequently retrieved the body which was identified as Jones.

No marks of violence were seen on the body.