Letter: Discredited WPA, AFC should understand their roles today

Dear Editor,
Dr. David Hinds may be tugging at straws when he asked in the press for a meeting between the WPA and President Granger. There is no need for such a meeting.  This Granger Government marketed the APNU+AFC brand in 2015 for deceptive purposes and nothing else.  In actual substance, this government is a PNC led Granger Administration. Everyone else is a “tag along” to this PNC government. In such circumstances, the now much discredited WPA and AFC should understand their roles today; they are nothing else but political window dressing to this PNC led Granger Administration.
It is unfortunate that Dr. Hinds and his colleagues in the WPA did not take on board the Guyanese proverb “ When two large rum bottle deh ah table, quarter bottle nah gat business deh”.  A government is constructed with a Constitution, not some “rum shop Accord” mashed together over drinks.

Both the WPA and AFC had power in their hands and they threw it away all because a few opportunistic human wanted Prados, Perks and FAT Pay and were unprepared to be the balance of power.

The rest is history and Guyana is now back to square one, where we only have two large rum bottles on the table – PNC and PPP. There is no place in 2020 for the WPA, AFC, KFC, JFAP, LFC or any third force period!  The people will reject them all convincingly after observing how “YELLOW BELLY” the AFC and WPA has turned out to be.  In 2020, Mr. Granger can campaign with a 50 party coalition, the Guyanese people will recognize it for what it really is – a PNC dominated, controlled and led electoral machinery with some opportunistic individuals stitched on as window dressing.

It is clear as day that the WPA and AFC have now played out their trump cards and they have no choice but to accept their new roles as the 5th wheel to a coach that can do without the 5th wheel. Would Walter Rodney or Shiela Holder accept this political abuse? The WPA and AFC will have to accept the wisdom of my ancestors who advised: “When yuh play out all yuh trump cards, yuh gat to lose till game done”.
It is deeply sad on the occasion of the anniversary of my soul brother Dr. Rodney, (whose ideas form the intellectual soul of the WPA), was chosen by the PNC as the date to formally devour and deflower what was left of the WPA in Government.  There are positions and there are positions.
The facts will show that Dr. Roopnarine was transferred from a portfolio (Education) that was valued at G$43 billion in the 2017 budget to a role that is worth 1/20th or 5% of what he previously managed.  Further, he moves from a portfolio in which he had his own Budget, his own Ministry, and his own Permanent Secretary.  Now he is nothing but a Department Head in Mr. Harmon’s Ministry, is part of Mr. Harmon’s budget and have to work along with Mr. Harmon’s Permanent Secretary.  He is in no better a position than Moses Nagamootoo who is also subject to similar rules in Mr. Harmon’s Ministry.
If that is not a demotion then what is?  I like and respect Dr. Rupert Roopnarine, singularly for his intellect and gentlemanly attitude.  When he became the Minister of Education, I was proud because here was a man who served education all his life at all levels and was being given a chance to make policies to change the way we educate our people.  Yes his successes were limited but do we think his intellectually inferior, inexperienced, and underskilled replacement is any better?
Why was Dr. David Hinds not asked to be the new Minister of Education?  Why was someone who cannot measure up to Dr. Roopnarine or for that matter Dr. Hinds, on the policy front, on the organizational front, on the intellectual front, and on all other fronts, being asked to carry a portfolio that I thought was reserved for the WPA?
But then again, with all things considered, this is a PNC led Granger Administration.
Sase Singh,
M.Sc. – Finance, ACCA


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