Lethem school teacher dies after allegedly contracting COVID-19 at hospital


The Public Health Ministry earlier today confirmed that Guyana has recorded its 15th COVID-19 related death.

The latest person to succumb to the virus has since been identified as, Donna Greaves, a 25-year-old school teacher of Lethem, Region Nine.

Greaves succumbed late last evening while receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

She was admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on July 1 after she was airdashed to Georgetown to seek further medical attention.

Dead, Donna Greaves

It is believed that the now dead mother of a 7-year-old child contracted the virus while she was being treated at the GPHC.

Franklin Greaves, the woman’s husband in post on social media explained that his wife was admitted to the Lethem Regional Hospital on June 25 after she complained of chest pains and weakness.

Donna was admitted to the ward and an initial COVID-19 test returned negative. However, her condition worsened and the doctors recommended that she be airdashed to the city since she was in need of blood.

Upon her arrival at the GPHC, a COVID-19 test was done but it also came back negative. She reportedly collapsed and was taken to the COVID-19 ICU.

After family members raised concerns, she was taken out but a subsequent test proved that she had contracted the virus.  “We know she got contaminated at the Georgetown Public Hospital by their negligence…they infected her by accident or negligence,” the aggrieved husband noted.