Lawyers claim Roxanne Myers arrested for “perverting course of justice”, GPF says otherwise

Roxanne Myers

Lawyers representing Deputy Chief Elections Officer (DCEO) Roxanne Myers are contending that she has been arrested for “perverting the course of justice” but the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has contended that the official was detained for “conspiracy to defraud”.

Myers was arrested on Tuesday after she surrendered to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters moments before the Police Force was about to issue a Wanted Bulletin for her arrest.

The GPF, in a statement on Wednesday morning, said its ranks have been trying for over a month to question the DCEO in relation to its investigation into electoral fraud at the March 2 polls.

“However, those efforts were futile, as Ms. Myers made every effort to elude the Police investigators,” the GPF said, explaining that a Wanted Bulletin was consequently prepared, but before it was released, Myers showed up at CID in the company her her attorneys.

According to the GPF, “Ms. Myers was promptly arrested for the offence of “conspiracy to defraud” and she was told of the allegation at the said time. She then exercised her right to remain silent.”

But Ronald Daniels, one of the lawyers representing the DCEO, has refuted the account provided by the Police Force.

In a statement, the attorney explained that he remained with Myers throughout her interrogation, which was captured on video.

“The interview was conducted by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mr. Caesar, Head of Major Crimes Unit, who introduced himself in these terms. He introduced Inspector Nigel Stephens as his scribe and Corporal Desmond Johnny as the operator of the video equipment. The interview commenced at 12:07 p.m. This time was relayed to me by ASP Caesar,” Daniels said.

He claimed that, from the outset, he asked whether Myers was being treated as a suspect in the commission of any offence but ASP Caesar “explicitly responded that she was not a suspect”.

Daniels, in his statement, released what he says is a “a substantively verbatim record of the questions ASP Caesar asked Ms. Myers and her responses”.

1. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, are you employed by GECOM?

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

2. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, are you Deputy CEO of GECOM?

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

3. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, are you, were you a part of the staff that worked during the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections?

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

4. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, is your office located at Barack and Fourth Streets Kingston, Georgetown?

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

5. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, could you please state your present address.

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

6. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, do you have any supervisory control over the… of GECOM Headquarters.

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

7. Mr. Caesar: An interview was done with Mr. Keith Lowenfield. Do you know Mr. Lowenfield?

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

8. Mr. Caesar: In that interview Mr. Lowenfield was asked for certified copies of the SOP used to make two (2) declarations in the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections. He said he was on leave and we must ask you for those documents. Are you in possession of those documents?

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

9. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, the police need those documents to conduct an investigation. Your holding those documents could cause you to be charged for obstructing an investigation.

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

*Insp. Stephens intervened at this time to clarify with Mr. Caesar whether the documents he is referring to are the SOPs.

10. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, when last you went to work at GECOM office at Barack and Fourth Street?

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

11. Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers, are you living at the address on the record at GECOM office for you?

Ms. Myers: I reserve my right to remain silent.

**Mr. Caesar then indicated that was the end of the interview unless Mr. Stephens wanted to ask anything further. Mr. Caesar, especially, was visibly frustrated by Ms. Myers responses. Mr. Stephens signalled to Mr. Caesar for them to speak outside. They asked for an excuse. They returned to the room a few short minutes after.

When they returned to the room Mr. Caesar said as follows:

Mr. Caesar: Counsel, I will not have to put an allegation to your client for perverting the course of justice.

Mr. Caesar: Ms. Myers: It is alleged that you are perverting the course of justice and as such you will be placed in custody. During the course of the investigations we will have persons to confront you with.

Daniels said Mr Caesar then invited Myers to exit the room where he placed her in the custody of Women Inspectors Castello.

“I maintain that at no time did ASP Caesar, Insp. Stephens, or any other police officer, on or off camera, put the allegation of ‘conspiracy to defraud’ to Ms. Myers,” the attorney said.

Meanwhile, Nigel Hughes, another one of the DCEO’s lawyers, said “I…invite the Guyana Police Force to release the contents of the Station Diary at the CID HQ which records the arrest of Ms Myers at 12.30 for the offence of perverting the court of justice as entry number 3 recorded on the 6th day of October 2020.”

The GPF has not responded to the claims made by the lawyers. Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum has not yet responded to questions by this publication on the issue.