La Grange taxi driver assaulted, robbed by trio in home invasion


Police are currently investigating the armed robbery of a 41-year-old taxi driver whose home was invaded by three bandits, two of whom were armed with guns, around 23:10h on Friday.

INews understands that Reshi Pasha of Doctor Dam, La Grange, West Bank Demerara (WBD) was assaulted and robbed of $230,000 in cash, his cellphone valued $45000, a gold chain valued $200,000 and a tablet valued $20,000.

The victim, who lives with his mother, on the night in question drove his vehicle in his yard and parked and proceeded to his front door when he turned around and saw three males with jerseys around their faces walking towards him.

He ran to the back of his yard and was followed by two of the suspects, he tried to run around the other side of his house where he was confronted by the other male who was armed with a handgun.

The suspect then dealt him several lashes to his face and took him at gunpoint to his door and demanded he open it.

At this point, the victims mother saw the commotion and opened which allowed all three of the suspects to enter the house.

The two other suspects proceeded to ransack the house as the other suspect held the victim at gunpoint.

The robbers then relieved the man of the aforementioned articles and made good their escape through the front door.

Pasha went to the West Demerara hospital where he was treated and sent away.

A report was made to the police.


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